About Me

My name is Christian Chaffee, and I am a treasure hunter. I grew up in Santa Barbara, and learned the Antique business by working with my father in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I have been buying and selling art and antiques since I was in grade school. The world has changed so much since those days. Today there is so much more information available, but good things are much harder to find.

I have found many treasures over the years and have placed many unique items in private collections, as well as in museums in the US and Canada. I love the thrill of discovery, and enjoy doing research on items I find.

I have operated Chaffee Estate Services for about 20 years, and have handled many estate liquidations which involved fine antiques and special works of art. I know how to do the research, but it can be very time consuming. I don’t do many estate liquidations these days, as I just don’t have the time or energy. If you do feel you could use my advice, I may consider evaluating your estate liquidation needs and make recommendations.

My great uncle was Charles Avery Amsden 1899–1941, who was a noted archeologist in Indian artifacts, and the curator of the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles. He wrote a book in 1934, that is still well-known today, called Navajo Weaving: It’s Technique and History. I attribute my interest in art and antiques to our family genetics.

I am an avid collector of fine Japanese swords, and have been studying these amazing works of art for about 20 years. I will be launching a Japanese Sword website very soon called RealNihonto.com. I am not into cutting or fighting. I collect art swords made by masters, hundreds of years ago, and preserved as family heirlooms. If you have a Japanese sword which might be for sale, please contact me. I may want to add it to my personal collection. If not, I will have a great place to resell it to collectors who buy Japanese swords and fittings of all levels of quality. Having such a site means that I can pay you a fair price. If you are just curious about Japanese swords, you will find my website fun and informative.

I am also a historic preservationist at heart. I am the sole owner of three full sized historic streetcars, built by order of John D. Spreckles, and delivered to San Diego in 1912 in anticipation of providing transportation to and from the California Pacific Exposition. These were built in the Arts & Crafts style; back when craftsmen had the time and ability to create works of art. These are made of cherry, with bronze hardware, and are embellished with gold and silver leaf decorations inside and out. Even the push buttons to signal your stop, are inlaid with Mother of Pearl. I dream that one day, they will be back in operation on the rails, as part of one of San Diego’s future tourist attractions. These three 1912 streetcars have been designated as San Diego Historic Landmark #339.

I am a long time seller with almost 10 years of successfully doing business on eBay. I use the money I make to cover my living expenses, and finance my projects. I recently opened another internet shop on Ruby Lane, and soon I will be launching my own internet antique shop: ScarceAntiques.com. I hope that you will visit my sites from time to time, to see if I have found something that you like. I keep my prices as low as I can, and hope for repeat business.

I have a little café here in San Diego, on the corner of Adams Ave., and Florida street. It is in a small historic building, across from the beautiful "Trolley Barn Park". I am working to enlarge it into a full–sized restaurant. It is not open now, but as soon as I get it in operation, I will announce it here. I am also working to build a small 3 story building on the same lot. It seems like I’m busy working all the time, but that’s good because I love what I do.

I like to play chess, kayak, bike, roller–skate, play the guitar, and I have 40 hours flying a small single engine Cessna 172 airplane, but I have not had the time to do these things for the last few years, so maybe in the near future I can get back to doing some of these things again.

I welcome comments and hope you enjoy my websites and projects.


Notice: content is continually updated for accuracy. Please contact Christian Chaffee with any and all comments, questions, and corrections.